ETSY FINDS | ABSTRACT SCULPTURES | selection made by Dancers Road

These gorgeous sculptures vary in material from marble to wood and in price from only 42 euros to 335 euro and I could absolutely picture all of these on my desk or on the desk of someone I love. They are great gifts and with Christmas coming closer, really worth taking a look at. I all found them on Etsy!

Etsy is an online global platform on which you can find vintage and handmade items from small creative business owners that put great love and devotion in their work and sell products made of fair materials for fair prices. You can currently find my shops there under the name Dancers Road (vintage) and Saravi (handmade items). With the ‘Etsy Finds’ blogposts I aim to help more people discover the wonderfulness on Etsy and to promote small businesses and creative entrepreneurs (such as myself) from all over the world. Why not buy your holiday gifts at small businesses that will give you personal service instead of at the big multinationals?!

From left to right, you can find these sculptures here: white sculpture on wood, wooden sculpture, black marble sculpture, stone and gold sculpture, stone sculpture, beige stone sculpture, black and copper sculpture, white marble sculpture.




Great gift ideas for men by Dancers Road

Last Wednesday it was Pauls birthday, YAY! We celebrated with pie in the afternoon and tapas in the evening. If you’re ever in Rotterdam and in the mood for tapas remember to go to La Cazuela. A lovely authentic Spanish restaurant with a great ambiance, close to Central Station, we had a wonderful evening there and the food was amazing.

It always takes me some time to think of a nice gift for a man… even my own man. But this years gifts were quite a success. I gave him a handmade personalized wallet I bought at Jemariku on Etsy. Etsy is great for buying personal and personalized gifts. The wallet is beautiful and you can personalize it with letters on the front and a cute little sentence on the inside. I choose our initials ‘PS’ on the outside and the sentence ‘Hey big spender, I love you!’ on the inside. But it can also be the guys favourite quote or any other short text. I also gave him the book Greek Myths by Imme Dros’ which he loved and a trip to the museum for airplanes. To add a little fun to it all I hid a scratch card in the wallet to use his birthday luck for a little gambling.

All products on the photo, exept for the book and the scratch ticket  come from Etsy and you can buy them here: Vintage Bionoculars, Vintage Harmonica, Vintage Sweaters, Vintage leather backpack, Vintage Army Backpack, Vintage Hat, Handmade leather wallet, handmade dog softie, handmade soft monster.



VINTAGE WORKSPACE INSPIRATION | selection made by Dancers Road vintage blog and shop

Summer holiday is over for me and even though I’m not willing to fully embrace the upcoming fall yet I do have to admit that I like some of the aspects of being back to work. For instance sitting at my desk writing this post. I love my old vintage worn out desk with my plants and other little things on it, it’s one of my favourite places in our home. Being surrounded by beautiful things makes working a bit more fun, I think. While doing some  digital thrift shopping on Etsy last week I made this little selection of  vintage items that I would love to buy. Especially the old paper sheets and the desk lamp in the shape of a fish (I just have a soft spot for animal shaped lamps, I can’t help it). Not everything in this selection is vintage by the way; the magazine stand is from Alessi and the pillow is from Zara home, but I think they are gorgeous anyway.

You can find these items here: vintage notebook sheetshandcarved desk organiser, magazine holder, Leather book covers, fish horn table lamp, orange cushion, wooden inkwell, mid-century ceramic planter, 1950’s Scandinavion wooden desk.

Enjoy your workday everyone!

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Vintage South American Totem Wall Hanging from Dancers Road

My holiday ended last Sunday and even though I have that melancholic summer is almost over feel all over me I’m also looking forward to the new season and everything that is to come. On my travels I found many many beautiful vintage treasuries that will soon be listed in my Etsy shop. I made a little start photographing them last week and I can’t wait to make many more nice photos of all them. This summer I’ve also been taking some big steps into making young Dancers Road into a grown up business but I will tell you more of that later!

This beautiful 1970’s wall hanging is one of the new items I listed in the shop last week and it’s one of my personal favourites because of the bright and warm colours and the totem image.

Vintage South American Totem Wall Hanging from Dancers Road

Vintage South American Totem Wall Hanging from Dancers Road


Vintage South American Totem Wall Hanging from Dancers Road

click here if you would like to check out this wall hanging in the shop!

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shop the macedonian folk interior look selection made by DANCERS ROAD blog

Inspired by the Museum for Ethno culture and the photos from my last post I made this little ensemble of folk items to create a folk look at home and to take a little bit of my Macedonian holiday home. Some pieces are vintage, others are new and you can shop them online. The peacock feathers in a vase really inspired me, I remembered I use to have them in my room when I was a child and had almost forgotten about them. I always thought they were a little mysterious, coming from such magical birds. The blanket from Urban Outfitters is also one of my personal favourites because it instantly creates a warm and cosy look in a room.

clockwise: Vintage Golden mirror via Etsy, Taos Rug via Dot&Bo, Peacock feathers via Etsy, Vintage framed needlepoint via Etsy, Embroidered Vintage tablecloth via Etsy, Hillsdale Tyler bed via Houzz, baskets from Dot&Bo, Vintage Juwelry Box via Etsy, Folk Flower Pendant via Etsy, Blanket via Urban Outfitters, Rattan vintage table via Etsy, Vintage Folk plate via Etsy.


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Vintage treasuries for the warm bohemian home selected by DancersRoad blog

Dusty pink is one of my absolute favourite colours in the world, I love wearing clothes in that powder pink shade and I love it in my interior. This colour combines beautifully with almost all other colours and it creates a warm and cosy feel, perfect for the eclectic bohemian home. Finding the right pink items can be difficult but I found some great pieces on Etsy. The antique pink couch is absolutely magnificent and I can’t get over the absolute uniqueness of this little lamp bowl with the cute little dog guarding it. Items like this make my vintage loving heart beat a little bit faster. I found all these vintage items on Etsy and you can shop them here:



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Current Favourites | Planters | Selection by DancersRoad Blog

My ultimate favourite planters for this moment! Some new and some vintage, some midcentury, some modern, modernist or bohemian but all gorgeous don’t you think?!  All these planters are for sale online and you can shop them here:

1. Avocado Green Planter from Dot&Bo 2. Brass Hanging Planter from Dot&Bo 3. Scalloped Pottery Planter from Susansimonini 4. Ceramic planter for succulent from noemarin 5. English Cedar Planter from Oates&Co 6. Brown Vintage Planter from Froufrous 7. Ceramic Whale Planter from Cumbucachic 8. Vintage Planter from Froufrous 9. Ballet Pink Tillandsia Planter from Dot&Bo 10. Ceramic Planter from Freewheelingforms 11. Urban Grow Diamond Terrarium  from Urban outfitters 12. Little Ceramic Planter from Freewheelingforms 13. Urban Grow Ceramic Hanging Planter from Urban outfitters


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