I was hooked when she saved that triceratops in Jurassic Park, absolutely in love with her smile and appearance from the beginning. She must be the only woman who can wear a safari outfit with shorts that are six sizes to big and still look elegant and sexy. I mean who can pull that off? Laura Dern is one of my favorite actresses, she has something wild, yet kind and her hair always seems to blow away a little. Last week I watched the movie Wild, the leading role is played by Reese Wutherspoon who I love; she is funny and gorgeous and talented and she plays a very cool woman in this movie. However that’s not the point here. The real pleasant surprise for me was that Laura Dern appears in it. She plays the role of the mother of Reese Wutherspoon and it’s a lovely, beautiful, funny, yet sad movie and you should go see it! If only for the scene were Laura Dern is dancing in the kitchen; celebrating life.


Her parents, both actors, Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern


In Jurassic Park, 1993



With Nicolas Cage on the set of Wild at Heart 1990


mondayfunday puking bird

  MONDAY FUNDAY dates from the time I was still free on Monday and had all day to myself. However, now that my Mondays are filled with work I can use a little laugh when I come home; so every monday I share some pics that make me smile.



These birds are painted by Mincing Mockingbird, a.k.a. Matt Adrian, I found them in his Etsy shop were he sells lovely and funny postcards, T-shirts and magnets. He also has a beautifull website for his ‘more serious’ work (www.mattadrian.com), definately worth a visit!



Daylight saving time starts this sunday, however with nearly 8 degrees Celsius there’s not much summer to find here in Rotterdam yet… or spring. I visited the lovely little Woods of the ‘Bergsche Plas’ on the outskirts of te city and its giant long-haired residents; the impressive scottish highlanders, together with Noga today. I added a little spring to the picutures using te fun photofilters of PiZap. A girls gotta do something when nature does not cooperate.

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What better way to start of this blog than with a post about travelling?! Last Month me and P. visited Central Portugal for the first time and we enjoyed it a lot. This area of Portugal has amazing beaches with beautiful high cliffs, green hills, and lovely little towns with tiled houses .  We drove around a lot in our rented car and ate lot’s and lot’s of very fresh seafood. We stayed in the cutest little white house, found on http://www.natuurhuisje.nl (a real great website if you’re looking for special private houses to rent) near Alfeizerão (one hour drive from Lisboa. Tips and links at the end of this post but some pics first!



landschap blackklein







  • the direct link for renting the cute little white house we stayed in: http://www.natuurhuisje.nl/vakantiehuisje/25535
  • We enjoyed visitin the historic city of Sintra http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/723
  • We ate oisters in Sao Martinho do Porto at ‘A Casa’ and also enjoyed ‘Cais 24’ in the same place (both with a view on the bay)
  • I really recommend going to the farmers market De Mercado de Santana in Venda da Costa (every sunday) for the real ”Portugese live according to the locals” experience!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more tips or leave a reply!