Currently on my wish list

September wishlist by Dancers Road blog

My birthday is not nearly there yet and the moving houses has left me pretty much broke but that does not keep me from wishing, especially with a whole new house and garden to fill! And well… some of the things on my list are useful as well ;-].

BEDDING | After more than then years of sleeping under the duvet I took when I left my parents home, I finally invested in a nice and big feather ‘grown up’ duvet. So now I’m obsessing over all the beautifull duved cover sets that are out there. This one from H&M is definitely on my priority list because of the pattern and the wallet friendly price.

JEWELRY | A colleague tipped me on the lovely juwelry brand Turina. Both the paper head shaped gold plated brooch as the acorn necklace are from this great webshop based in Amsterdam. I also love the letters of the alphabet necklaces they sell; would make a nice present.

BOOKS | Since I bought an e-reader for our honeymoon to Japan I read more often again and I love it. These two books are on my book wishlist at the moment: Tsjik by Wolfgang Herndorf and De morgen loeit weer aan (the Roar of morning) by Tip Marugg.

CERAMIC CUPS | Also after Japan I dream about handmade ceramics. I was lucky enough to find a few beautiful pieces of ceramics while travelling but because of the little space left in my suitcase I have still room in my kitchen for some more. Large cups are high on my list and I really love this pair I found on Etsy.

PETS | Yes a chicken! Since the idea of moving to the country side popped into our heads more often I kept fantasizing about having eggs from our own chicks. We even came up with names already months before we actually found a house; Marilyn, Sofia and Brigitte ;-]. We have to build a henhouse first but as soon as we’re ready for them, we will go on the hunt for some feathered ladies to come live with us. Since our yard is big enough for both chickens and rabbits; rabbits are on my wish list too. Paul and me are always joking about having our own fortune-telling rabbit after we met one in Instanbul a few years ago. Can’t wait to have some rabbits jumping around here!

PLANT | Unfortunately my ‘kamerlinde’ (Sparmannia Africana) has not survived moving, it catched greenfly and all the leaves are turning yellow. Sad because I love this plant, I love how fast it grows and how beautifully the leaves are shaped. But I’m afraid I need to find a new one soon.

SLIPPERS | It’s quite hot here in the Netherlands at the moment but I’m sure I will need some warm house shoes within a few weeks. I actually already bought these fake fur and very soft ones here. Winter will not surprise me this time!

SWEATER | I don’t need many new items for my winterwardrobe but one thing is on my clothing wishlist: a warm (off)white sweater. This is a cashmere one from H&M I really like but I’m still on search for the perfect one.

What’s on your wishlist at the moment?


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