personal | WE GOT ENGAGED!

We got engaged!

Yes, I’m so excited and happy about this, much more than I ever though I would be. As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or a writer and own a house in the mountains with a horse , 3 dogs and some cats. I never dreamed of getting married, I never pictured myself in a white dress so this is not a dream come true but I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m going to marry the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most wonderful man in the world in july! YaY!

Paul proposed to me in September right after he came back from a business trip to California, saying that he waited for a perfect day with beautiful weather but that while flying home he decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer. The next day he asked me in the forest near our home where we often go for walks with Noga. It was quit romantic ;-}. He gave me a beautiful vintage ring and we celebrated the rest of the day.                                                                                       One of the best things was telling my family and friends and experiencing their happiness in the weeks after the proposal. It still has me glowing inside when I think of it.  I kind of like preparing this wedding but I also feel that it’s quite some work and a lot of decisions to make, even though we’re keeping it small and simple. So far we have found the most beautifull old little church to do the ceremony and decided we’ll throw a small party in the yard of my parents afterwards. We already picked the rings (!) and my mother and aunt are going to make my dress. And one of the best things: we’re going to Japan on honeymoon! Yes! I almost can’t believe it, going to Japan has been a really big wish of mine and I can’t wait to go there. In the meanwhile I’m trying my best not to turn into bridezilla (just kidding). And I will keep you posted on the updates and probably share some wedding related posts on the blog this year. Tips and tricks from you brides and brides to be out there are more than welcome!





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