One of my favourite blogs used to be Animalarium by Laura Ottina. This blog is fully dedicated to animal illustrations and featured with every blog post a different animal or a different animal theme. This wonderful blog still exists so you can still see all the beautiful and funny illustrations but unfortunately it’s not active anymore and no more posts are being made. Because I love and adore all animals (except maybe wasps and mosquitos) and because I miss the Animalarium posts I decided to make an ode to the Animalarium blog and to one georgeous animal every month.                                                                                                                                                    For this new series I proudly present to you the first Dancers Road animal of the month: the snake. A beautiful and mysterious animal that inspired so many artists from different times and places. This November you can expect a couple of posts where the snake plays a leading part, starting with this post with snake illustrations: enjoy!

illustration by Sleepy
illustration made by Sleepy
Olaf Hajeck
Olaf Hajeck
fresco from Pompeii
fresco from Pompeii




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