ETSY FINDS | ABSTRACT SCULPTURES | selection made by Dancers Road

These gorgeous sculptures vary in material from marble to wood and in price from only 42 euros to 335 euro and I could absolutely picture all of these on my desk or on the desk of someone I love. They are great gifts and with Christmas coming closer, really worth taking a look at. I all found them on Etsy!

Etsy is an online global platform on which you can find vintage and handmade items from small creative business owners that put great love and devotion in their work and sell products made of fair materials for fair prices. You can currently find my shops there under the name Dancers Road (vintage) and Saravi (handmade items). With the ‘Etsy Finds’ blogposts I aim to help more people discover the wonderfulness on Etsy and to promote small businesses and creative entrepreneurs (such as myself) from all over the world. Why not buy your holiday gifts at small businesses that will give you personal service instead of at the big multinationals?!

From left to right, you can find these sculptures here: white sculpture on wood, wooden sculpture, black marble sculpture, stone and gold sculpture, stone sculpture, beige stone sculpture, black and copper sculpture, white marble sculpture.




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