Great gift ideas for men by Dancers Road

Last Wednesday it was Pauls birthday, YAY! We celebrated with pie in the afternoon and tapas in the evening. If you’re ever in Rotterdam and in the mood for tapas remember to go to La Cazuela. A lovely authentic Spanish restaurant with a great ambiance, close to Central Station, we had a wonderful evening there and the food was amazing.

It always takes me some time to think of a nice gift for a man… even my own man. But this years gifts were quite a success. I gave him a handmade personalized wallet I bought at Jemariku on Etsy. Etsy is great for buying personal and personalized gifts. The wallet is beautiful and you can personalize it with letters on the front and a cute little sentence on the inside. I choose our initials ‘PS’ on the outside and the sentence ‘Hey big spender, I love you!’ on the inside. But it can also be the guys favourite quote or any other short text. I also gave him the book Greek Myths by Imme Dros’ which he loved and a trip to the museum for airplanes. To add a little fun to it all I hid a scratch card in the wallet to use his birthday luck for a little gambling.

All products on the photo, exept for the book and the scratch ticket  come from Etsy and you can buy them here: Vintage Bionoculars, Vintage Harmonica, Vintage Sweaters, Vintage leather backpack, Vintage Army Backpack, Vintage Hat, Handmade leather wallet, handmade dog softie, handmade soft monster.



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