works by Dutch Cobra artist Lotti van der Gaag - from Dancers Road Blog

A couple of weeks ago I visited a retrospective of Dutch art after 1945 at the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam. Many works of the members of the Cobra movement were shown and I was pleased to see, among many other paintins, my favourite cobra painting Constant.

It was at this exhibition that the work of Lotti van der Gaag caught my renewed attention. It’s strange  how these things go with art (and fashion and food and literature); what appeals to me seems to shift from time to time. Works from artists that I adored before lose their attractive force on me for a while, while other works suddenly appeal more to me than ever before. The work of Lotti van der Gaag never seemed that special to me until now. Now it’s really getting me, or I’m finally getting it…

Lotti van der Gaag (1923-1999) was a Dutch sculptor that created fantasy creatures in clay. Later on in her life she also painted. The information about her that can be found on the web quite differences in content, even the more reliable sources don’t seem to agree on her life and the way she lived it. Some sources say that she never exhibited with the members of the Cobra, other say that she initiated exhibitions of her own work with important members of the Cobra movement such as Karel Appel and Corneille. She lived in Paris that’s for sure, where she shared a studio building with some of the Cobra members. Most sources report that she was never married but she had relationships with Bram Bogart, Kees van Bohemen and Jan Cremer. According to her quotes she never married one of them because they could never accept that she worked as artist the way she did. The more I read about her online the more she strikes me as a rebel. I must remember to read a book about her as soon as I can!




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