All Knitwear Happy Autumn selection made by Dancers Road blog

Autumn becomes so much more happy with these hats and sweaters from ALL Knitwear! They are warm yet give me a little bright and light summer feeling. The best of both seasons, if you ask me. What you see here is just a little selection I made but there are so much more wonderful examples to find on the labels website that will put a smile on your face. I’m a big fan and one of these sweaters is definitely on my wish list for this season although I might have to save up a little first, before I can buy one. The white one in the middle of the first row is my favourite although picking favourites with these ones is not easy because I like them all and I could probably wear a different one every day of the week.

ALL Knitwear is a small knitwear label created by Annie Larson based in Brooklyn NY. And amazingly all these items are handmade by Larson herself in her studio. The label has a lovely website, that is definitely worth visiting, where you can read more on the story behind these slow-growing, idiosyncratic collection of handmade sweaters and hats. Enjoy!


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