VINTAGE WORKSPACE INSPIRATION | selection made by Dancers Road vintage blog and shop

Summer holiday is over for me and even though I’m not willing to fully embrace the upcoming fall yet I do have to admit that I like some of the aspects of being back to work. For instance sitting at my desk writing this post. I love my old vintage worn out desk with my plants and other little things on it, it’s one of my favourite places in our home. Being surrounded by beautiful things makes working a bit more fun, I think. While doing some  digital thrift shopping on Etsy last week I made this little selection of  vintage items that I would love to buy. Especially the old paper sheets and the desk lamp in the shape of a fish (I just have a soft spot for animal shaped lamps, I can’t help it). Not everything in this selection is vintage by the way; the magazine stand is from Alessi and the pillow is from Zara home, but I think they are gorgeous anyway.

You can find these items here: vintage notebook sheetshandcarved desk organiser, magazine holder, Leather book covers, fish horn table lamp, orange cushion, wooden inkwell, mid-century ceramic planter, 1950’s Scandinavion wooden desk.

Enjoy your workday everyone!

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