Current Favourites | Planters | Selection by DancersRoad Blog

My ultimate favourite planters for this moment! Some new and some vintage, some midcentury, some modern, modernist or bohemian but all gorgeous don’t you think?!  All these planters are for sale online and you can shop them here:

1. Avocado Green Planter from Dot&Bo 2. Brass Hanging Planter from Dot&Bo 3. Scalloped Pottery Planter from Susansimonini 4. Ceramic planter for succulent from noemarin 5. English Cedar Planter from Oates&Co 6. Brown Vintage Planter from Froufrous 7. Ceramic Whale Planter from Cumbucachic 8. Vintage Planter from Froufrous 9. Ballet Pink Tillandsia Planter from Dot&Bo 10. Ceramic Planter from Freewheelingforms 11. Urban Grow Diamond Terrarium  from Urban outfitters 12. Little Ceramic Planter from Freewheelingforms 13. Urban Grow Ceramic Hanging Planter from Urban outfitters


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