Maybe they were never completely out of style but lately I see them around more ofthen then before; the Mak as a Wall Decoration. They apear in more than one interior style; colourful masks in the modern boho interiors and simple wooden masks in the more natural green and white interiors. I also see them more and more in movie decors and in shops which is not very strange because they are  gorgeous eyecatchers for any home. Here are a few of my favourite examples from Etsy!

Interior Trend: Maks a selection by Dancers Road Blog

1. Vintage Sun Face Mask from GreyMareMercantile , 2. Bamana Puppet Bull from Afrikadirect, 3.Vintage african mask on base from Lestrictmaximum , 4 Primitive Circular Wall Hanging from ARCHIVO , 5. Vintage African Wooden Long Face Mask from VintageInquisitor 6. African Wooden Mask from Limbhad , 7. Bwa Nuna Antelope Mask Bird from Africadirect , 8 African mask from Meanglean, 9 Adam and Eve Wooden Masks from MeshuMaSH , 10 Hand carved wood Man Mask from MeshuMaSH , 11 Wooden colorful mask from Lestrictmaximum

* the colourful Handmade Vintage fabric on top of this post is from Africadirect.

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