stories from the alter life by Dancers Road

On most days I love my house and my furniture and my whole interior. I love my collection of more than 50 West Germany vases, I love my midcentury modern wooden furniture, I love my many houseplants and the olive green and citron colours on the wall and my brown coloured bedroom with all my embroideries on the wall. Well most days…

And then there are days were I feel a little different, the days were I start thinking about painting my walls white (!) or get rid of the couch and fill the floor with large Moroccan pillows, the days were I’ve got the urge to surround myself with things that glitter and shine. Or the days on which I want to change the house into something more rustic because that’s my mood for the moment. Do you know that feeling?

I know I would make an absolute perfect billionaire. I would do so well with more than one house to decorate. A farm, a cabin in the woods, a Pied-a-Terre in Paris, a studio in Berlin and one in New York too. A gypsy wagon for on the road and a mansion in Bretagne… Of course that’s only possible in my imagination… for now at least but a girl can dream big right?

As a child I made up characters, imaginary people with life’s that were very different from mine. I cut out pictures of women and girls from magazines and fantasies what they would wear. I imagined where they would live and I made drawings of the interiors of their houses. I never really stopped doing that as a grown up. I still dream of living a different life every now and then with different clothes and a different house. And now there’s the internet. And on the web anything is possible. The internet is just perfect for playing around with alter lives and alter egos. So from now on, every now and then when I dream about living an other life in another house I will share that alter life with you here on the blog as a new blog item: Stories from the alter life.


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