Macedonia, Treskavec Monastery and Church

For a while now I’ve been dreaming about going to Macedonia. I want to go there for a couple of different reasons such as; the landscape, the food, the folk culture, the mountains and the traditions. But it started with me overhearing a conversation of someone who had been there. I’m already a fan of the Balkan I visited Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovenia and I loved it. At home I looked the places she named up on the internet and I was sold. I had to go there. Paul wasn’t so sure at the beginning so it took a while to convince him to go there with me on holiday but I stuck to my guns on this one and now we’ve booked! Yay! We are going there in August, to Mavrovo to be exact, were I found the perfect hotel in the mountains. In the mean time I look at pictures on internet as you can see. Can’t wait to show you my own pictures!





PHOTO CREDITS: folk costume photo’s come from here and here. The landscape photos come from here. And the photo with the horse comes from here.


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