Sonia Delaunay

‘Colour is the skin of the world’

‘One who knows how to appreciate colour relationships, the influence of one colour on another, their contrasts and dissonances, is promised an infinitely diverse imagery.’

Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay


As an art school student, taking painting classes I came across the paintings of Sonia Delaunay years ago and I must say they never were so appealing to me. I never liked the overdue of bright colours and the geometrical shapes. But that lack of interest from my side goesfor  the paintings. At the moment there’s a big retrospective exhibition of her work going on in the Tate Modern and while drinking tea in the cafeteria of the museum I came to read her biography. Reading about her impressive life (she was given away by her own parents at the age of seven to a rich family member and moved from here home in Odessa to St. Petersburg in Russia, survived two world wars coming from a Jewish family, married twice; one time out of friendship with a gay friend and one time out of love to Robert Delaunay, started here own successful business, was a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde, lived in many different  countries and died an old and famous woman). I knew her paintings but I didn’t know about her decorative work in fashion and interior design. I highly admire people who can be multidisciplinary in a natural way and add something valuable to more than one discipline without becoming to commercial. I also admire her beauty and even though I’m not a great fan of her paintings I do love here drawings, patterns and textile designs which inspired many later designers and artists. Delaunay died in 1979 aged 94, and was painting the day she died. ‘I always changed everything around me,’ she said. ‘I made my first white walls so our paintings would look better. I designed my furniture; I have done everything. I have lived my art.’

The exhibition about her work at the Tate Modern in London is on until August 9th.

sonia delaunay on dancers road


Sonia Delaunay

sonia delaunay on dancers road2




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