dinotopia book at Dancers Road

It must have been in the summer of ’97 when I read Dinotopa for the first time. It’s only of important events in life you remember where you were when it happened. I was at the back of our garden, in the orchard where me and my sister both had our own hammock, hidden in the high grass, when I first opened the book of Dinotopia. I lend it at the library (one of my other hiding places at the time) and kept renewing it for months untill I eventually I had to give it back with pain in my heart. Needless to say I loved it. It was not just the story, the subject of Dinosaurs and the beautiful illustrations (by James Gurney) that got me. It was also the first time I became aware of the  possibility of creating something fictional but making it look scientifically real. I’ never had much interest in reality, so I easily became immersed in the Dinotopia fantasy world were people live in treehouses, or on boats, wear beautiful bohemian nomadic cloths and flowers in their hair and live peacefully together with giant dinosaurs. And although at the moment I enjoy my time here in the real world  I still go back often to Dinotopia. Last Christmas P. surprised me with this new edition of the book which made my heart jump as you can imagine and I wanted to share some of thes beautiful pictures with you. If you havn’t read Dinotopia yet, go find yourself a hammock and dream away! Or read it over and over again, like I do ;-}

Dinotopia on Dancers Road

Dinotopia on Dancers Road

Dinotopia on Dancers Road

Dinotopia on Dancers Road

Dinotopia on Dancers Road

Dinotopia on Dancers Road

Read more about Dinotopia on the official website or visit the website of the author James Gurney.



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