Here comes the Summer!

vintage shoes from etsy

She’s back! She took her time this year but yesterday she finally visited Rotterdam again, not at full strenght yet but still; The Sun! I’m pretty sure we hit the 20C degrees and feeling the warmth on my skin, seeing people smile that special smile… was wonderful. And of course it imidiately made me fantasize about new sandals… I love wearing open shoes, I wear them as soon and as long as possible; slippers, sandals, pumps, as long as they are open I love them. Here are some of the best vintage sandals I found on Etsy*. My personal favourite is the pair of 90’s jelly sandals. Which one is yours? Let the summer begin!

1. 1980’s Boho Sandals from: retroandme

2. 1990’s Platform Sandals from: MelissJoyVintage

3. 1980’s plastic Jelly shoes from: PaintYourWagonShop

4. 1970s Rockport Sandal from: shoegazes

5. 1970’s Woodheel Sandal from: MinxouriVintage

6. Vintage Woven Leather Huaraches from: twigandspokevintge

7. 1990’s Deadstock Wedge Jelly Sandals: EchoClubHouse

8. Vintage Italian Sandals from: SunandMoonCuratedVtg

9. Tan Woven Leather Huarache Sandals from: beachwolfvintage

10. 1970’s Bohemian resin clog heels Sandals from: 20twentyvintage

11. 1980’s Tan leather vintage Huarache sandals from: GreenCanyonTradingCo

12. 1970’s Peep toe Leather Heel from: RustBeltThreads

*Etsy is an online platform for webshops selling vintage and handmade items. It’s a great place for finding unique products from designers and small shop owners with a personal service.


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