This is not a top 5 because it would be too difficult for me to decide which of these wonderful plants, all with their own special qualities and characteristics, should be on number one. This is just a list of my top 5 favourite plants at this moment. I love plants, my house is full of them and I love taking care of them. Some of my oldest ones I have since childhood. I couldn’t live in a house without them. I don’t care much for flowers, I’m more into leaves; I love plants that have extraordinary leaves.  And yes; green is my favourite colour!

I choose to use portraits of my own plants instead of using smooth pictures from plant books, because this is what they look like in real life ;-]. Well at least in my life… I turn all my plants almost every day to make sure they don’t grow in one direction. I water them after their own needs and I give them new dirt and food on a regular basis… And still they have yellow leafs sometimes and grow more on one side…  I guess it’s just the same as cooking from a book: on those pictures everything looks perfect and not at all like what I have on my dish… Or maybe that’s just me being not very good with food.


ASPARAGUS | There are many different types of Asparagus plants and this is one of my favourites because of its delicate sprigs. It’s like having your very own mini forest of fairytale trees. This type of Asparagus is best to be put in a shady spot. Water it once a week (in the summer) or even once every ten days (in the winter).

SENECIO dancers road

SENECIO CEPHALOPHORUS | This plant was a gift and I hadn’t seen it before. It’s not a very common houseplant and in countries with a warmer climate than the Netherlands it can be kept outside all year long. It grows beautiful orange flowers every year and that’s were it gets its nickname ‘Mountain Fire’ from. I haven’t quite figured out yet what the best way is to take care of this beauty but it loves sunlight. It’s a succulent so it doesn’t need much water.

cactus Dancers Road

CEPHALOCEREUS SENILIS | This touchable cactus is one of my favourites since I was very little, of course because of it’s long fury hair. As cuddly as they may seem they do have spikes like most cacti. This one goes very well in sunlight and does not need much water, once every three weeks or even less is enough. They can grow little bright flowers when they get neglected to get your attention back ;-].

PILEA peperomioides

PILEA PEPEROMIOIDES | This is a great and fun plant for many different reasons. It’s also known as ‘Chinese money plant’ because the leaves look like coins. It therefore is a nice gift for someone who’s started his or her own business or just bought a house. Legend says this plant brings its owner fortune. I also like it because it a very easy plant to take cuttings from. As you can see in the pictures, the baby plants grow next to the big plant. It’s best not to put this one in direct sunlight but it does like light. The ground should be moist but not too wet.

Dancers Road my favourite plants Begonia Rex

BEGONIA REX | This one is very well known for its beautiful bright coloured leaves. The Begonia family is very big and there are many types with different colour combinations. In more Southern areas of the world they also grow outside. Good to know is that the colour of the leaves becomes more deep when the plant is on a bright spot but outside direct sunlight. In bright sunlight the leaves burn and go pale. This plant let’s you know it needs water when the leaves go hanging.


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